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La Grande Mela offers creative catering for a wide range of events, from an intimate dinner in your home for a few guests to larger receptions, from movie openings to book presentations, exhibition openings to aperitifs, as well as cocktails, lunches and dinners.

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Artichoke Patties

  Artichoke patties are an excellent alternative to meat patties, which will surely be appreciated even by the non vegetarian.   For 30 patties 3 big artichokes 350 gr ricotta cheese 100 gr parmesan, grated 2 garlic cloves extravirgin olive oil

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Cuban Flan

This wondrous recipe is the Cuban version of the universally known European Créme Caramel , which, despite its French name, was born in Spain. The classical recipe is based on just milk, eggs and sugar; the Cubans substituted the fresh

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Thai Mussel with Coconut and Lemon

This is a light main course which can even become more complete if you serve it with plain rice and steamed vegetables. It has an intriguing and mild spicy flavour. Serves 3/4  250 gr mussels (net weight without the shells:

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Artichoke Flan

I am pretty sure you will love this artichoke flan: artichokes are in season, the recipe is easy and the flan can be made the day before. You will just have to warm it a little before serving and decorate

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Polenta Mini Balls

Stilish and elegant, these mini polenta balls are the ideal finger food to make the most of a winter dinner.   For around 25 balls 100 gr quick-cooking polenta 500 ml tap water 1 yolk and a half from free range

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Casa golosa. Un ricettario di famiglia fra tradizione e nuovi sapori in vendita su
Fare festa. Idee e ricette per ricevere in casa. in vendita su