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La Grande Mela offers creative catering for a wide range of events, from an intimate dinner in your home for a few guests to larger receptions, from movie openings to book presentations, exhibition openings to aperitifs, as well as cocktails, lunches and dinners.

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Ezme Salad

Ezme is a Turkish word which can be translated as “mashed”, so this is a kind of a mashed salad, very delicious and easy to prepare. Serve with a plain pita or whole crackers. Serves 4 4 tomatos 1 large

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Lemon Orange Risotto

Among the millions of lemon orange risotto recipes, through very thorough research my sister found the following, which is certainly the best. Serves 6 500 gr Carnaroli rice 1 medium onion 3 large oranges, organic 2 lemons, organic 1 liter

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The Academic Ragù

The following recipe has been akcnowledged as the official Bolognese (ragù in Italian) by the Italian Academy of Cuisine in 1982. Among the hundreds of recipes which almost every Italian family jealously shields, this is absolutely the correct one. Don’t

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Coconut Christmassy Rice Pudding

This recipe features a creamy, rich flavoured rice pudding with pomegranate, giving as festive a touch as it must be in this special  season. Merry Christmas! Serves 6 75 gr short grained white rice 50 gr brown sugar 650 ml

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The ceviche is a wondrous dish, whose paternity has been historically competed with Perù and Ecuador, though it is normally eaten all over Latin America. It has become largely diffused since the recent passion for raw fish, which claims, instead,

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Casa golosa. Un ricettario di famiglia fra tradizione e nuovi sapori in vendita su
Fare festa. Idee e ricette per ricevere in casa. in vendita su