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La Grande Mela offers creative catering for a wide range of events, from an intimate dinner in your home for a few guests to larger receptions, from movie openings to book presentations, exhibition openings to aperitifs, as well as cocktails, lunches and dinners.

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Bread and cheese patties

These patties come from Abruzzo, in central Italy, which has been recently beaten by a strong earthquake. My quoting an Abruzzese recipe is a kind of hommage to that beautiful and wounded land (now in full swing again!). It is

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Marceline’s carrots

This recipe is from Alain, the loving husband of my best friend, whose French family has Algerian origines. Serves 4 1 kg carrots (better if organic) 2 garlic cloves 1 spoon spicy paprika 4 spoons extravirgin olive oil of very

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Spaghetti con la bottarga

For those who don’t know it,  “bottarga” is a sort of fish eggs (mainly of mullet) dried in their own ovarian sack. Bottarga is a specialty of Sardinia and originates back to the Phoenicians, who once used to visit the

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Levi’s Cake

This is surely the best chocolate cake I’ve ever eaten in my life; my mother used to make it on very special occasions. Please notice that you have to make it 48 hours ahead! Serves 200 gr caster sugar 200

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Burmese king prawns in spiced tomato paste

This flavory and wondrous recipe is of Burmese origins, specifically by William Myatwunna, an excellent chef in Yangon, whom I had the honor of cooking with. My version is just a little lighter in onions, garlic and oil, only to

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Casa golosa. Un ricettario di famiglia fra tradizione e nuovi sapori in vendita su
Fare festa. Idee e ricette per ricevere in casa. in vendita su